Monday, March 24, 2008

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Last read
- The Kite Runner.
Impressed. Muchly.
After reading Khaled Hosseini, everything else seems lacklustre and bland. Profoundly moving and poignant.

*spoiler warning- if you are V or if you have not read the book, do not read the next two paras*

I don't know if its just me, but I've always found myself affected more by things I COULDN'T relate to, as opposed to things I could. That totally blows the 'sympathy-empathy' discussion doesn't it?

For example, in 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' (Khaled Hosseini's other effing brilliant book), I recall myself being extremely disturbed by what 14 year old Laila had to go through. That was nothing compared to how I felt when arguably the strongest character in The Kite Runner cried. The characters are sketched out so darn beautifully that you can't help marvelling at Hosseini's writing prowess. Written predominantly in Amir's point of view (lapsing into Rahim Khan's POV only in one solitary chapter), the writing is unapologetic. The Kite Runner is simply one of the very few books I've read that didn't have solely black or white characters. Amir's thirst for redemption and the way he uncertainly embarks on his journey to repair his flawed self is so real and so richly described, you could reach out and touch the story with your fingers.

I seriously can't do justice to the book without relying on clich├ęs, so read it yourselves.

Last watched-Jodha Akbar.

I was one of the VERY few people who liked the movie, I note. Not that I've seen many period love stories, but this will be the best. Now and forever more. I'd do anything to get these stupid Tamil-dubbed versions out of Coimbatore and the Hindi version back.

This is the second movie where I was actually pleased with the way Aishwarya Rai carried herself and yes, without that 'pancake on her face' (The first was Guru). Jodha is the kinda of woman you can't help but look upto. The independent lioness, yet the meek kitten. The fiesty lass, yet the dutiful family-bound daughter.
The role of Akbar seems chalked out for Hrithik Roshan, and I say this not only because of his drool-worthy, oh so sexy abs. Pshaw. Funnily, before the movie released, I was of the opinion that while Hrithik'd make a convincing Hindu ruler, he didn't really fit the bill when it came to Akbar. This was based on the pictures of Akbar I'd seen in my history book, mind you.

The chemistry, needless to say, is brilliant. She is colour to his black and white, pink floyd to his rage against the machine, the unperturbed iceberg to his hypersensitive nuclear reactor. Cha, *I* wanted that with *MY* soulmate!

LOOK at him. I never really liked him all that much before, but LOOK at him! *prises eyes away from screen with great difficulty*

Catch it with friends. You will not regret it.

Random Thought- What if Aishwarya Rai's dad had named her Atulaa?


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