Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the year that was.

It's been nearly a year since I even gave my blog the time of day, and something tells me blogging will seeeeriously help my nerves.

Okay, 10th std.

Sometime in May last year, I was inundated with people everywhere telling me how this year's going to decide where my life is headed and how I'd better jump into Muthannakulam if my boards become thandavaalam (Yeah, David said that. Something like it.).

Then the books came and we all drew up study timetables and compared them and tried fitting in two more hours of maths in there (pffft.). And THEN school started. W were practically alienated from the rest of the school (who, by the way, could never ask us anything but 'hi ka, how is tenth, hectic no?' when we DID run into them.), what with our crazy timings and such.

In a matter of three months, we'd finished half of our portions, gone on a day long trip to Top Slip (which was mad fun, despite the fact that we spent exactly two and a half hours at our destination and spent 8 hours in commute. That deserves a blog post of its own, cha.), and written around 4 slip tests, enough to tire anyone (ok, me) out.

Needless to say, the study plan lay forgotten, and I was perfectly content with the 90sth marks I brought home every other week. I had, what 7 months to go for the boards after all. And ha, who's gonna remember my slip test marks when I'm a diplomat with the UN? The quarterlies came by, and I conveniently left all the studying to 4amthemorningoftheexam, and spoilt Vidyuth's birthday for myself (the marks came out then). I got around 87% and around 7 hours of advice/lecturing/pep talks/what call you from the parentals.

The halfyearlies were slightly better, if that's what you call a 92%. At the moment, I'm feeling queasy everytime someone mentions May, cos really, I don't mind taking the boards tomorrow, its the results I hate thinking about. This might seem unnecessary to someone who's already taken the boards, but I wish I wasn't at this point of my life right now. :(

Also, I'm writing this with a revision exam the next day, and I do know that this isn't a very good comeback post nor does it tell you anything about the erm,' year that was' that you might've wanted to know. But hey, it sure feels good to tell people to STOP ASKING ME IF I'M GONNA GET A STATE RANK ALREADY on a public forum.


I want to watch Delhi 6. I think Sonam looks supercute with those strands of hair framing her face like they do, aw.

Who wants to come with me?

3 people shouted back:

Ryan.A.Nash said...

David really said that? Super. :|

Sonam Kapoor, Hell yea. The chicken dance in masakalli blew me away.

Anonymous said...

er since when did people get so worked up about the 10th boards :\

R said...

Lol! Been there,done that! As scary as it all appears,its going to be just fine. Good luck! :)

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