Saturday, January 31, 2009

Silent E.

"Who can turn a can into a cane?
Who can turn a pan into a pane?
It's not too hard to see
It's silent e

Who can turn a cub into a cube?
Who can turn a tub into a tube?
It's elementary
For silent e

He took a pin and turned it into pine
He took a twin and turned him into twine

Who can turn a cap into a cape?
Who can turn a tap into a tape?
A little glob becomes a globe instantly
If you just add silent e

He turned a dam - alikazam! - into a dame
But my friend Sam stayed just the same

Who can turn a man into a mane?
Who can turn a van into a vane?
A little hug becomes huge instantly
Don't add w, don't add x, and don't add y or z,
Just add silent e "

This is something I came across by Tom Lehrer, that genius. Letters can be so bloody powerful sometimes, and words are what make you you. I'm having this huuge insignificant moment now, I can't imagine how small I'd be if there were no words. Thoughts crashing around in your head, with no way out. Brr.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I think there might just be a god.

I stood on my balcony last week and looked at the moon. It's enchanting, whole, perfect, emanating the kind of radiance even non-poets could wax eloquent about. There are jagged traces of yellow all around it, little jagged traces, just enough to flirt with the dark of the sky, just enough for it to almost say 'peekaboo' and disappear. For children to look at it in awe, in wonderment, in anticipation of newness. For lovers to stare at together, watching their common dreams unfold in the promise of the vast sky. For people to look at it for hope, for peace of mind, for things they look for in war and destruction, and never find. For me to be reminded of you.

To make me smile again. To see you in my mind's eye, perfect as always, running your hands through your hair. To think of your eyes, in all their gold-flecked russet glory. To picture you laughing your perfect laugh, even though I can't hear you. The silence is deafening you see.

I claim to be a cynic, a pessimist, who sees nothing wondrous in the world around. Someone who thinks the world lives and dies behind a facade of goodness, lifting at times to give us world wars and atom bombs. Someone who thinks there's nothing to live for, but the ultimate, all-encompassing armageddon.

I'm also the same person who looks at the moon and a lot of other things, thinks of you, goes dizzy with an onslaught of memories, and grins like a maniac.

I love you. Doesn't it show?


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MY 15TH. :D

My 15th birthday is something I will keep coming back to when I picture the perfect birthday.

Alright, I'm one of those people who are nearly impossible to surprise. That said, my friends threw me not one, but two surprise parties this year. And I was surprised not once, but both times. Okay FINE, so that blows what I said just now. Anyway.

Siddarth calls me like a week before my birthday and we plan a random meeting at subway the coming 28th. (Ok, my birthday's on the 30th of September, but I really had to blog about it) Soo, I say fine, and Sunday comes, and my mom and I spend the afternoon at fabindia kurti-shopping. My mom then drops me off outside Subway and I call Siddarth to ask him where he is. The following conversation ensues.

me: Hey man, where are you?
Sid: Uh, atu, I'm leaving. Where are you?
me: I'm there already, I'm standing outside.
Sid: Uh, okay, wait till I get there. There are monsters in there.
me: Eh?
Sid: No, just wait for me and Niran. It isn't a very good place.
me: O k a y. I'll wait for you guys at Nilgiri's then.
Sid: Great. Just don't go in ok? bye!

So I walk around Nilgiris, looking at the magazines and NOT the make-up like Vishal later claimed (wtf.), when Amritha calls me and tells me about how she's bored at home with nothing to do. I couldn't drop the monster thing though, and the possibility of a surprise.. hit me. Just like that. Aaand my knees went all weak, my jaw dropped and I'm pretty sure I choked up a bit too. I stood right there, ohmygodding till Siddarth and Niran arrived, Niran looking all spry wearing those hoops she keeps only for special occasions (Second clue, there!). We walk into Subway, rather undramatically, because I was so looking out for feet under the tables or.. something like that. The guy behind the counter was looking at me and towards the bathroom door all curiously, and THEN they all troop out, Vidyuth Kb Vishal John Amritha. I really don't remember how I reacted, what with Niran and Amritha commanding me to startcryingNOW!(I didn't, the initial throat-choking had gone away, all I think I did was grin like mad), but it was surprisingly awesome, how they'd kept this from me for so long and actually gone ahead with it despite me acting so nosy(I left those parts out, but I was nosy).

We took no pictures that day, or I'd so put one in here, except for this one to see how much taller Vishal was than me, but I think I deleted it right then. :|

Thanks you guys, I can sure tell you that made my year. :)

Part 2 will soon follow, my fingers hurt now.

the year that was.

It's been nearly a year since I even gave my blog the time of day, and something tells me blogging will seeeeriously help my nerves.

Okay, 10th std.

Sometime in May last year, I was inundated with people everywhere telling me how this year's going to decide where my life is headed and how I'd better jump into Muthannakulam if my boards become thandavaalam (Yeah, David said that. Something like it.).

Then the books came and we all drew up study timetables and compared them and tried fitting in two more hours of maths in there (pffft.). And THEN school started. W were practically alienated from the rest of the school (who, by the way, could never ask us anything but 'hi ka, how is tenth, hectic no?' when we DID run into them.), what with our crazy timings and such.

In a matter of three months, we'd finished half of our portions, gone on a day long trip to Top Slip (which was mad fun, despite the fact that we spent exactly two and a half hours at our destination and spent 8 hours in commute. That deserves a blog post of its own, cha.), and written around 4 slip tests, enough to tire anyone (ok, me) out.

Needless to say, the study plan lay forgotten, and I was perfectly content with the 90sth marks I brought home every other week. I had, what 7 months to go for the boards after all. And ha, who's gonna remember my slip test marks when I'm a diplomat with the UN? The quarterlies came by, and I conveniently left all the studying to 4amthemorningoftheexam, and spoilt Vidyuth's birthday for myself (the marks came out then). I got around 87% and around 7 hours of advice/lecturing/pep talks/what call you from the parentals.

The halfyearlies were slightly better, if that's what you call a 92%. At the moment, I'm feeling queasy everytime someone mentions May, cos really, I don't mind taking the boards tomorrow, its the results I hate thinking about. This might seem unnecessary to someone who's already taken the boards, but I wish I wasn't at this point of my life right now. :(

Also, I'm writing this with a revision exam the next day, and I do know that this isn't a very good comeback post nor does it tell you anything about the erm,' year that was' that you might've wanted to know. But hey, it sure feels good to tell people to STOP ASKING ME IF I'M GONNA GET A STATE RANK ALREADY on a public forum.


I want to watch Delhi 6. I think Sonam looks supercute with those strands of hair framing her face like they do, aw.

Who wants to come with me?