Sunday, March 9, 2008


I know I'm plagiarizing this from my other blog, but whatever. I felt like I needed this on the new one too. Oo by the way, did you happen to know that Princess Leia's only 5 foot nothing?!

*Yeh Ishq Hai-Jab we met*

God, I KNOW that there was a time when I couldn't possibly bring myself to listen to stupid commercial Hindi movie songs, but unfortunately when I told my dad that most of my music was gone, he downloaded 300 HINDI TRACKS for me. And that is that for now apparently.

I have a huge stock of Kisses at home now. Oh and Oreos too. I was thinking, instead of the clichéd wedding ring, the guys should think about giving their little hearts a lifetime supply of Lindt or something. No wait, I AM too much of a bling lover to pass a ring up, but hey anything works.

Talking about Kisses, picture this.
Michael J Fox-ish man- Hey, wanna kiss?
Woman- Sure! (puckers her lips expectantly)
Man- (Drops a Hershey's Kiss into her hand and walks off)



Hmm, toughie. You could probably blush and paw the floor with your toes. You could maybe tactfully change the topic or if you luckily happen to be at a party and are serving the martinis or something, you can just say, “Oops, gotta keep passing!” (Not that it’s ever happened to anyone I know, but I just thought it would be an interesting way to escape intense embarrassment). In the remote possibility that you like the person in question, you could squeal and jump up and down on the balls of your feet. You could say “Ditto.”(Ooo my favourite! *grins and bats eyelashes* My way of paying homage to Patrick Swayze in ‘Ghost’). Oh yeah and Han Solo! “I know.” is by far the classiest reply someone can come up with!

Now, trust me when I say I’m not condoning the drastic rise of the ‘not-single brigade’ and please, please believe me when I say I’m pro-relationship! It’s nice to have an emotional rock to lean on and blah blah, but yeah, don’t center your life on whomsoever you asked-out/proposed to/like. Lawl.

And if you’re ever in dearth of ideas on what to say, just go “Look, your Worshipfulness, let’s get one thing straight. I take orders from just one person- me.”

So, yeah, Han Solo IS a nice blank-space-in-tête-à-tête filler. And yes, this was the randomest post ever. All I can say is I was inspired, Your Honour!

Princess Leia and Han Solo forever. <3

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Anirudh said...

how about
"I dont like you, i love you?? "

i know.. :-o

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