Sunday, March 2, 2008

1/6th through the year.

This is what you'd probably call a late new-year-ushering-post.

Last year and in the year so far, loadsa things happened. Many people met, many laughs laughed, many thoughts thought, many opinions expressed, loads of time wasted. I turned 14, I reinforced faith in my beliefs. I learnt that no one is worth your tears. Those who are simply won't make you cry.

I keep cursing the system of late, though it thoroughly doesn't help one jot. An unnamed student of arguably one of the best colleges in Coimbatore tells me that a Professor of his unabashedly said that merit would soon hold no merit in college admissions in the years to come. :-|
But that IS a while away, so I'm not thinking about it for now.

I continue to derive pleasure from the little things, my music, talking to my people,
eating sinfully indulgent chocolate, stealing online in the middle of the night and many more which I am incapable of remembering right now. *blushes* Oh yeah, thats ANOTHER thing I meant to rectify in my flawed self- I take these little pleasures so much for granted that I don't even recall what they are. All I know is that I'd be lost without them.

On the other hand, 9th standard is slowly trickling to a close and somehow, this makes me apprehensive. Possibly because I've not been playing up to my strengths this academic year or because the people who're rubbing in the fact that next year will make or break me are actually getting to me.

Misunderstandings galore. I hope they get cleared up for good this year. Fortunately, most misunderstandings patched up all by themselves, the frost melted, the walls broke down.

Through everything, I've been a nice girl. I think.

To all of you, who have loved or hated me, who have stood by me or walked away, those who have been nice or mean, who have helped me or stabbed me in the back, thanks.
If I'm happy-happy and all contented today, its because of each and everyone of you. Thanks again.

Random thought- "Who're you?"

The difference a tiny apostrophe can make. *sigh*

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vidyuth said...
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vidyuth said...

woah. u act like as if u're gonna die anytime tomorrow the way u ended it :-|

'the difference a tiny apostrophe can make'.

hey! I told you that! oh man i LOVE public spaces :P

Atulaa said...

oh you did?

and that was supposed to sound like a START not an END.

Nitish Suresh said...
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sCrEwU_007 said...

Dont you get the feeling you're being a little too pessimistic for a 14 year old kid?

Ok,stupid question.

vidyuth said...

how on earth is that a START?

Ryan.A.Nash said...

Worrying about forgetting tiny pleasures is ok. atleast it is not as useless as worrying about 10th std. Seriously.

Blogging + music --> A walk with a dog when it is drizzling. For me atleast.

Oh and looks like vid's claimig credit, so no pats-on-the-back for that.. :P

catch22 said...

:) your writing is so refreshing..makes me smile..i have seen your profile on orkut as well ...unfortunately i had to delete my still remember me i suppose..poornima aarthi's friend :)
reading your blog brought back so many memories of my own school days..hold on to it as tight as you can and keep writing

crazylittlething said...

thank you :)
yeah of course i remember you! :D

Zanna said...

Great work.

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