Thursday, January 29, 2009


I think there might just be a god.

I stood on my balcony last week and looked at the moon. It's enchanting, whole, perfect, emanating the kind of radiance even non-poets could wax eloquent about. There are jagged traces of yellow all around it, little jagged traces, just enough to flirt with the dark of the sky, just enough for it to almost say 'peekaboo' and disappear. For children to look at it in awe, in wonderment, in anticipation of newness. For lovers to stare at together, watching their common dreams unfold in the promise of the vast sky. For people to look at it for hope, for peace of mind, for things they look for in war and destruction, and never find. For me to be reminded of you.

To make me smile again. To see you in my mind's eye, perfect as always, running your hands through your hair. To think of your eyes, in all their gold-flecked russet glory. To picture you laughing your perfect laugh, even though I can't hear you. The silence is deafening you see.

I claim to be a cynic, a pessimist, who sees nothing wondrous in the world around. Someone who thinks the world lives and dies behind a facade of goodness, lifting at times to give us world wars and atom bombs. Someone who thinks there's nothing to live for, but the ultimate, all-encompassing armageddon.

I'm also the same person who looks at the moon and a lot of other things, thinks of you, goes dizzy with an onslaught of memories, and grins like a maniac.

I love you. Doesn't it show?


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nskna said...
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Aham AS said...

Yes, the doors of cynicism have to be shut to admire such beauty! nice post.

Ryan.A.Nash said...

The moon's been playing such tricks lately. Yesterday, she was as awesome as ever, with Venus nearby in an orange sky backdrop. Sigh.

straight from the heart said...

is my comment vapurised???:p

straight from the heart said...

with an "o"[:x]

spadika said...

Funny how I would've written a poem. Most people would have. I've never read something so beautiful written in prose!

crazylittlething said...

thank you :)
i would have too, IF i could write poetry. the closest i can get to it is jabberwocky type rhymes :P

Anonymous said...

Again, why do you have to add "P.S. - PURE FICTION"?
The whole feeling/fun gets dissolved.
Hiding truth isn't same as lying.

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