Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MY 15TH. :D

My 15th birthday is something I will keep coming back to when I picture the perfect birthday.

Alright, I'm one of those people who are nearly impossible to surprise. That said, my friends threw me not one, but two surprise parties this year. And I was surprised not once, but both times. Okay FINE, so that blows what I said just now. Anyway.

Siddarth calls me like a week before my birthday and we plan a random meeting at subway the coming 28th. (Ok, my birthday's on the 30th of September, but I really had to blog about it) Soo, I say fine, and Sunday comes, and my mom and I spend the afternoon at fabindia kurti-shopping. My mom then drops me off outside Subway and I call Siddarth to ask him where he is. The following conversation ensues.

me: Hey man, where are you?
Sid: Uh, atu, I'm leaving. Where are you?
me: I'm there already, I'm standing outside.
Sid: Uh, okay, wait till I get there. There are monsters in there.
me: Eh?
Sid: No, just wait for me and Niran. It isn't a very good place.
me: O k a y. I'll wait for you guys at Nilgiri's then.
Sid: Great. Just don't go in ok? bye!

So I walk around Nilgiris, looking at the magazines and NOT the make-up like Vishal later claimed (wtf.), when Amritha calls me and tells me about how she's bored at home with nothing to do. I couldn't drop the monster thing though, and the possibility of a surprise.. hit me. Just like that. Aaand my knees went all weak, my jaw dropped and I'm pretty sure I choked up a bit too. I stood right there, ohmygodding till Siddarth and Niran arrived, Niran looking all spry wearing those hoops she keeps only for special occasions (Second clue, there!). We walk into Subway, rather undramatically, because I was so looking out for feet under the tables or.. something like that. The guy behind the counter was looking at me and towards the bathroom door all curiously, and THEN they all troop out, Vidyuth Kb Vishal John Amritha. I really don't remember how I reacted, what with Niran and Amritha commanding me to startcryingNOW!(I didn't, the initial throat-choking had gone away, all I think I did was grin like mad), but it was surprisingly awesome, how they'd kept this from me for so long and actually gone ahead with it despite me acting so nosy(I left those parts out, but I was nosy).

We took no pictures that day, or I'd so put one in here, except for this one to see how much taller Vishal was than me, but I think I deleted it right then. :|

Thanks you guys, I can sure tell you that made my year. :)

Part 2 will soon follow, my fingers hurt now.

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