Sunday, April 26, 2009

The voice inside my head.

Most people I know label me a feminist (I prefer pro-feminist, thank you very much). I have pretty decided views on women and what they have to offer the world. I am against the cult of patriarchy, ethnic cleansing targeted at women alone and all other forms of sexism.

I know for sure that I will remain secure and independent regardless of the presence of a man in my life. I know that I'll never fast for a man's possible gain, or announce my marital status to the world through a piece of jewellery (Karvachauth and the Thaali/Metti I mean). I know that I will keep my name for as long as I live, and not have it usurped by any other, also that I will have a life apart from whoever I'm with.

If you choose to call this militant feminism or anti-traditionalist, fine by me.

But of late, I've been listening to my friends rant on about their mutual infatuations (or maybe more) and I wonder. What would it be like to actually be on the receiving end of some good old-world chivalry? The kind we read about and roll our eyes at? Like say, having doors opened for you? Getting a bunch of flowers before dinner? Offering to pay whether or not I let you?

I know this completely blows my other argument, but is it wrong to be surprised once in a while? I AM perfectly capable of opening doors, paying bills et al.

But still. Sometimes I wonder.

Is that wrong?

In other news, I'd like to know. Does anyone stop to think before labelling other people a 'slut' or 'bitch'? Its so easy to point fingers, no?

I feel achingly lonely. Which probably explains why this post is all sad-sad. Anyhoo, it'll stop making sense to me in no time, as soon as my mood swings up again. :)

Don't mind me.

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straight from the heart said...

actually ,it makes a damn lot of sense.girls need attitude too!lol but
1) why the tirade against thalli and all??
2)you may be independent et all, but everyone loves pampering and so u like chivalry too,but without string attached na??
In other news, I'd like to know. Does anyone stop to think before labelling other people a 'slut' or 'bitch'? Its so easy to point fingers, no?"
this i totally dev d the girl says "you all stare at my [nude] pictures and im the slut?".so all in all yeah a great perspective.
4)guess im pro feminist too:D

crazylittlething said...

it isn't attitude, its just a random thought..
2) without strings attached? :-/
4) good for you :D:D

Anonymous said...

ok, how is it to be on the other side? not so good i would say. it would frankly be boring if someone else is doing most of the things for you, letting you not to think, dont cha? and i dont think its a attitude or a random thought too. It is a well thought stuff that women rights activists have been trying for ages. More the number of ppl who come outta the never ending matrix, its good. But in the process, you might feel left alone, which is quite casual and thing that you'll ge used to ... Some people even call it as an Intellectual climax. And good for a guy to be a pro-feminist?? dint know that ;)

spadika said...

I think about exactly the same thing. We may roll our eyes at all forms of chivalry, but when a guy DOES to something chivalrous, I can't help but go "aaaaaaaaw". But only for a second. BEFORE I roll my eyes.

Confusing, really =S

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