Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Half tag.

Ten things you wish you could say to people right now (names withheld)

1) All I want is for you to be proud of me. I haven’t been what you want me to be, but I’d do anything to ensure that you’re proud of me. I’m so thankful for you.
2) Can’t you think for yourself for ONCE? Why are you afraid of the idea of having your own opinion?
3) I’m not angry/over-reacting. That’s the way my voice is. And please don’t read too much into what I say, I’m not putting you down the way you think I am.
4) Go buy me chocolate. And also. Stop lying, we do NOT have a divorced aunt who’s a fashion designer interning under Satya Paul OR a brother at a boarding school in Kolkata. I love you though.
5) I care for you the mostest, and I’m extremely glad you are what you are to me. You make me happy when skies are grey. You know I couldn’t get on without you in my life. I can’t put what we have into words, because that would be oversimplification at its craziest. Tu hai toh I’ll be alright :D
6) For the last time, you’re great company, I genuinely like talking to you. And I’d call you if I could.
7) Take us out for dinner no? I’ll clean my room tomorrow, for SURE.
8) Why did you have to leave? It’s a strange kind of disconnect, this. But I love the feeling I get when you’re here, it’s always like you never left.
9) Now that I realized that everything you said was completely meaningless, would you mind telling me why you did in the first place? Being around you is a supreme mindfuck for me. Still. You made me question my own worth, and that’s something I can never forgive you for. I STILL feel useless sometimes, thanks to your self-induced martyrdom and everything it brought.
10) I do respect you, but please, please drop the general obnoxiousness and that know-it-all air. How insecure do you have to be to come up with THAT as a defence mechanism? Your coldness scares the shit out of me, all the other little people might not be in your intellectual league, but do try not to be as unnecessarily sharp.

Nine Things About Yourself

1) I am a dreamer. And I can be very embarrassing to be around sometimes, thanks to my total stupidity.
2) Light matters a lot to me. I can’t stay in rooms which are darkish with no sunlight, no matter how beautiful they are.
3) I’m a compulsive worrier, and I manage to successfully ruin things for myself that way.
4) I want to live everywhere! I physically crave living in Paris, NY and Kolkata.
5) Books are my cocaine. I often re-read books and re-watch movies, and choose to do so sometimes even when new books and movies are at hand.
6) I have lots of people in my life, but very few I need to talk to everyday. My parents, Harith and Vidyuth are definitely among them.
7) I love the idea of becoming a diplomat/therapist/anything having to do with people because dynamics and relationships excite me. Anthropology and Politics are so interesting because you get to know about the impacts of actions/non-actions. And I love the idea of individuals having such an influence.
8) I have the most amazing family in the world, and differences apart, I’d be lost without them.
9) I have these randomly devised theories about life and faith and the universe and human nature and after that, everything that happens either modifies or reinforces those theories in my head.

Eight Ways To Win Your Heart

1) Be yourself.
2) Play hard to get.
3) Say something that makes me think/laugh and you’re there.
4) Listen hard and show me you care.
5) Be generous with hugs.
6) Do something insaaaane, just for me.
7) Give me my space, because I’m definitely one to give you yours.
8) Don’t play girl-games or keep me hanging, I can’t pursue anything without clear encouragement.

Five Things You Want To Do Before You Die

1) Experience Harvard. Meet John Nash and JK Rowling.
2) Hitchhike across Europe. Go bungee jumping and snorkeling in Australia.
3) Work for NatGeo. Start a restaurant. Speak for India at the UN. Work for communal harmony.
4) Fall in passionate, incomprehensible, insane love. Lose my head and do crazy things, all in the name of some guy I know I can’t live without.
5) Get 4 dogs, name them Shilo, Layla, Uzi and Pig.

I was bored. Not enough to do the whole thing though.

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straight from the heart said...

whoa ! ! wow that makes my head spin literally....what WERE YOU THINKING WHEN YOU WROTE THIS??my guess is your mind had thousands of thoughts flitting in and out.

Vineeth said...

Your blog makes interesting reading. keep going.

crazylittlething said...

lol, shyam, i was pretty normal i think. normal by my standards atleast. why?

thanks vineeth :)

Ryan.A.Nash said...

Shilo, Layla, Uzi and Pig should meet Shadow and Nathaniel.

gayathri said...

grt post there....hope the people u've written it for read this and find out what exactly you think about them...keep up the good work!

Asmita said...

i LOVE this!
am i in it? =P
i am a terrible terrible person because i could barely identify a single person u were talking about.. this is what comes of not talking enough. :(

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