Monday, February 16, 2009

I need..

- chocolate ice cream
- some company
- more time
- a reality check
- to watch a movie or two. Mulholland Drive anyone?
- a box of Bradman's
- self-actualization?
- Janani :(
- those construction workers across the street to STOP LISTENING TO SURYAN FM!
- some Pablo Neruda (Sonnet XI, my god. Its so passionate, its obscene)
- to learn Spanish so I can, in fact, read and understand Pablo Neruda.

Model Practicals tomorrow.

3 people shouted back:

Ryan.A.Nash said...

I don't remember being so serious about my boards at all. I don't remember wanting to read Pablo Neruda when I was 15 either. :)

Suryan FM! Tell me about it. The bus to college is tiresome enough.

Anonymous said...

Neruda! For any moment. For all moments. :)

Goot luck for the boards!

PS - Hopped here from Ryan's blog. I love the way you write! :)

crazylittlething said...

pablo neruda is intense, i love him. :)

and thanks, i love your blog too! :)

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