Sunday, February 22, 2009

Don't say anything.

This is a list of women who I think are too pretty to live.

1) SCARLETT JOHANSSON! That face. Enough said.

2) Bipasha Basu. WHY is she so.. chiselled? And HOW do John and her manage to look so damn perfect?

3) Priyanka Chopra. -grins like crazy-

4) Rachel Bilson. She makes me want to adopt her and feed her icecreams for the rest of her life. And coo over her when she pouts because the icecream melted. Ok please tell me she isn't getting married to Hayden Christensen? I thought Adam Brody was the One!

5) Natalie Portman. Gaminesque perfection.

6) Jessica Alba. You can stare at her for ages and not want to be anywhere else for a long long time. Sigh.

7) Penelope Cruz. I don't really get this woman. She looks SO pretty sometimes, she doesn't even look human. I could say the same for Nicole Kidman! Maybe all women turn alien-like when they get together with Tom and his scientology crew.

8) Monica Belluci. Blame my fascination with Italy.

9) Padma Lakshmi. She cooks, she had an intellectual older man, she exudes SUCH endearing imperfection, what with that scar and all.

10) Jyothika. She HAD to be here! :)

The rest- Kate Winslet, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (still semi-celebrity, she should fix that soon. Sky High, baby? Not a good pick.), Sonam Kapoor, MEG RYAN, Shriya Saran, Laura Elena Harring (MY god.). I can't think of the rest.

Okay if this was weird, forgive me, I just have an eye for the aesthetically appealing. :D

The Oscars are barely a day away and I'll be home to watch it! I can't believe I'm this excited, but hey you can't blame me, its like Super Bowl Weekend+Cricket World Cup+SomeBigGig.

I predict..
Best Picture- Slumdog (Yes I know Milk should win, but that's what the Academy does)
Best Director- Danny Boyle (Surprise surprise)
Best Actor- Sean Penn (So I hear)
Best Actress- Anne Hathaway? Rachel Getting Married was supposed to be KICKass. I went and read the synopsis of The Reader on wiki though, so its probably Kate Winslet.
Best Supporting Actor- HEATH LEDGER (duh?)
Best Supporting Actress- Amy Adams :P
Art Direction and Costume Design and possibly Cinematography- Benjamin Button. No questions asked. Though I haven't watched it.
Animated film- Wall-E!
Music, Song- Slumdog, Jai ho.

Wait and watch I shall.

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Ryan.A.Nash said...

I LOVE you for this. :D
Most of the ones on your list are on mine too. :D, I'd love to add jennifer connelly and anne hathaway too. :) and rosario dawson, and elisha cuthbert. and ...

crazylittlething said...

hee hee :D
elisha cuthbert, yeah! and rose mcgowan!
i started out with a guys-i-dig list, but this seemed more.. politically correct? :-s

Anonymous said...

gal u'd make an awesom galfrnd.. lol...

Ryan.A.Nash said...

LOL, politically correct, right!! But one can never know what those nutcases think.

Rose, Mcgowan, not so much, but in THIS-->

42 said...

rose mcgowan?? ew, no. i hate charmed

sarah from prisonbreak! whoa.
sarah chalke too.. and the pre-season five monica and rachel

plus of course, deepika padukone and ana ivanovic :P

nicole kidman is plastic!

crazylittlething said...

i was gonna mention rachel and monica! i know, nicole kidman looks unreal that way, all shiny and doll-like..

i like rose mcgowan brunette i think.. though the red is very fetching..

Ryan.A.Nash said...

Ivanovic yeah. 42 has a goot taste :D Except sarah of course. Crazy eyed female!

42 said...
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42 said...

sarah chalke = hot body. w00t

42 said...

bipasha basu is too.. muscular to make your list. also, penelope cruz and not salma hayek? oh atulaa.

Respectful Disagreement said...


42 said...

and currently, freida pinto *hubba hubba*

Asmita said...

Bipasha! No! She is so artificial!
And haha, shouldn't you credit this to Mia Thermopolis? ;)
I think Caroline... Kaka's wife, should totally make the list! If anyone's too pretty to live, its her!

Asmita said...

And I totally agree with the Scarlett Johannsen bit! And she's an amazing actress as well! Well, as much as I have seen of her atleast - which includes the Justin Timmberlake video (What Goes Around...Comes Around) and The Prestige. But she is just b-e-a-utiful!

crazycandystripe said...

actually, i should credit this to lilly moscowitz. ;)
but then i wasn't really thinking about her when i did this..
watch her in the nanny diaries!

-atulaa (too lazy to sign in)

Asmita said...

Ooh and AUDREY HEPBURN Atu!!!!!

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