Sunday, July 17, 2011

Allow me this.

Something that started for me 12 years ago, at Landmark, Nungambakkam, came to an end today. This really does feel like the end of an era.

But the end of my childhood? No way, Jose.

Harry Potter, you made my childhood, my pre-pubescence and my teens so much more meaningful. You made me laugh. You made me want to be your best friend. You made me want to come to Hogwarts. I wanted to play Quidditch. I wanted to eat Chocolate Frogs. I wanted to visit Hogsmeade. I feared the Basilisk. I fell for Sirius. I respected Albus Dumbledore and everything he stood for. I rooted for Ron and Hermione to get together. I cheered for Gryffindor. I shook my head and told myself it was only a matter of time before you broke up with Cho. I felt Snape’s pain, and I felt it deeply. I marvelled at how the Great Battle played out. I smiled at how long it took, and how hard it was, to get there. I counted the days before I could get to read more of you off my calendar. I read the books over and over again, until I could get at their essence, and make sure I could stand up for them in the face of my friends’ criticism. I watched every movie, barring the last one, the first day it released. Despite their flaws, I was there.

I made your world mine.

For me, no piece of fiction can come close to what you mean to me. I only hope every little kid, and in my case, every 17 year old, has something like you to turn to. For escape, for companionship, for good writing.

Contrary to what I said earlier, this is not the end of an era. I know I’ll seek you out many times in the future, and find you just as comforting as I always have. And in the process, find the child in me who could once get high at the very mention of you.

So, Harry Potter, for now, I fare you well. My mind will wander every now and then, and as always, it will find you. I hope James, Al and Lily are alright. And if Rose and Scorpius ever get together, know that they have my full blessing. Pip pip!

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