Sunday, December 19, 2010

Attempts.. Haiku.

1) No can do.

I can't swim, but I
dip in pools as shallow as
girls on Splitsvilla.

2) It happens.

She farted, sounding
like a Dettol bottle spurt
its last bits of goo.

3) Who doesn't?

He won't agree, but
applause and validation
is what he writes for.

4) Vertical challenge

Don't stare at us so,
so what if he's over a
foot taller than me?

5) Procedure

She looks down, seeming
suitably shy as she gives
the boy's side coffee.

6) Stars

Hugh Laurie, Abhay
Deol, Jake Gyllenhal and
Clooney rock my socks.

4 people shouted back:

Kums K said...

good read :) keep going!

detractor said...

CG divert. pardon 'the uninvited appearance'. :p

Do these attempts have anything to do with Percy Jackson ? :p

crazylittlething said...

Kums K- Thank you!

Detractor- Thanks for visiting! :) And no, I haven't read the series. Why do you ask?

yxorp said...

That's how I got to know what Haiku is. Apollo(yeah, the Greek God of healing), attempts(only to be outdone by you, as I see :p) Haiku.

STATUTORY WARNING : Percy Jackson is NOT a series to be read when preparing for CLAT and/or your boards.

PS: I am 'the detractor'.

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