Friday, June 12, 2009

All apologies.

I think I'm back.

Firstly, sorry for being such a negligent blogger. Also for cruelly ignoring all of your tags (if any) and choosing to fatten myself with Lay's and Chips Ahoy instead of venting on my blog. ALSO for being a grouch the past couple of weeks, thanks to the stupid stupid results.

I had a decent summer. Not the summer I'd envisioned to be honest (now THAT summer involved a lot of cheese and chocolate and me miraculously getting all fit and meeting a hot guy who'd take me sailing in the Mediterranean with my parents' blessing.), but still. A summer of lazing around all day with no guilt. A summer of repeated eating and staring at some screen, be it the computer's, my phone's, my ipod's or the tv's. A summer of lethargy, of complete uselessness.

After a point, it did get kind of annoying. Sitting home while there were people out there making a difference.

Ok, maybe all *I* was feeling then was total boredom, but honestly, there's only so much of vettiness one can take.

Anyhoo, to those of you who don't know, English and Social screwed me over these boards and left me with a 93%. I'm over it. AND I switched schools to GD, to the commerce group. More on that later, there's much to be said there.

Currently humming- All Apologies.

6 people shouted back:

straight from the heart said...

good to see you back .and sulking on boards never helps.:p

Ryan.A.Nash said...

"Honestly, there's only so much of vettiness one can take." ->Totally.

R said...

Look who is back!! :)

Vineeth said...

GD.. Wow.. Welcome to the club.. I'm an alumni of GD.. and my sister is in the 11th too..

Priyanka said...

93% and ur still unhappy??? Lolz.

The Visitor said...

That you were screwed in English is understandable - given that you wouldn't have written the 'expected' answer. :D

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